Wednesday, April 10, 2013

oh the things that are said in our family

This morning Jude randomly said to me,

Jude: Yesterday Daddy swacked some ants with his penis.

Me: WHAT?!?

Jude: He swacked some ants with his penis!

Me: What? When did this happen?

Jude: Yesterday. In the morning. Outside.

Me: Did that really happen?

Jude: Yes.

Me: Are you sure? Was it in a dream?

Jude: Yeah. In my dream.

Me: That's still creepy.

And then later as we were talking about it...

Me: I'm totally posting about this on my blog.

Noah: Daddy swacked some people with his penis?

Me: NO!!! Not people! ANTS! ... This is totally going on my blog.

Jamie: Oh dear.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  2. ...and so goes the male imagination (hopefully only some, and only very young) Mom