Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the beatles

today nick started singing the first line,

nick: heeey juuuude....


jude: *said, not sung* don't make it bad?

we both laughed.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

big, wooden swing

we went to mishmash today. the boys played in the playground while jamie, blaise and i sat and waited for our food to arrive. the food came. we ate and the boys went to play again. and then jude came back in the arms of one of the "child minders" {i love this restaurant!} crying. not hysterical, but something had obviously happened. jamie took him and then called out to me,
he's got a huge bump on his head!
he came closer and i gasped. it was huge! the child minder kindly went and got some ice {at jamie's request} and we tried to get it out of jude what had happened. eventually we figured that he had probably walked in front of someone while swinging on the big, wooden swings and got clonked right in the head.
i hope he's learned his lesson, but i wouldn't be surprised if it happens again.

after he had calmed down and let me put ice on it for as long as he could stand he looked up at me and said,
what's wrong with my eyebrow?

i had to stifle a laugh as the bump was pushing his eyebrow down a bit.
oh jude.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

small spaces

today in the mall we decided to get the boys' feet sized as we'll need to get them a pair of shoes before we go to spain in january {they pretty much live in crocs and flip flops here}.
i turned around to look at a pair of shoes on the wall and then when i turned back, i saw this:

he does have his face painted, by the way. but yes. he found a small space and decided he should fill it. with his body.

crawling out.


we decided we'd come back without the kids and get them their shoes then.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

praying for cupcakes

for the past month{s} jude has been demanding requesting to pray "the boz prayer" by himself at dinner. it's a prayer that is said on a christian kids show that he's somehow memorized and likes to cutely say with hands clasped. and no one is allowed to say it with him. or he has to start all over again. sigh.

the other night was jamie's birthday so i asked jude if he'd like to say a special birthday prayer for daddy.
he nodded and said something like this,

thank you God. as this day ends...{this is the beginning of the typical boz prayer.}
and thanks for daddy and for cupcakes....and that there's icing on them.and ... and ... and thanks that we get to eat the cupcakes. and there's a candle in one for daddy. and thank you for cupcakes.



i'm pretty sure it went on for a bit longer than that, but it took all we had not to burst out laughing.

poor english

today while watching land before time 3 {seriously? there's that many!?} with noah, jude stood in front of the computer and said,

me no want to watch this part!

and then hopped up on the couch and squinted his eyes as he proceeded to watch it.
he must have got that phrasing from the movie, because we've never spoken like that before.


oh yeah. did you hear about when jude peed into an old water bottle?

oh boys.

a smoke

this afternoon jamie went out to meet up with a friend. the boys noticed he had left and jude wanted to know where "daddy" had gone.

jude: where's daddy?
me: he went out.
jude: smoking?
me: what?! no! {i'm so baffled by this that i don't elaborate immediately where he's gone.}
jude: where, then?
me: oh. he went to meet up with someone.

where does he get this stuff?

the best juice

jamie brought home "clown juice" for the boys today. it's basically sugar water in a bottle that is shaped like a clown. kinda creepy, actually.

anyway, jude woke up from his nap and noah ran in to tell him that daddy had brought him home his own "clown juice".
after sitting at their little table and chugging almost all of it he announces in his most exuberant voice,


he didn't know i had heard him {but how could i not? he has a perpetually loud/yelling voice.} and proceeded to repeat himself exactly when i came in the room.

funny kid.