Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Jude to me: Well Mom? You're just a bit cray-cray right now.

Seriously. The things they learn from the adults around here...ahem. Lisa.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

helicopters and Star Wars

Today in the car Jude said to me:

Mom, I wish our car had a helicopter on top of it so we could fly to .... the sky. And the stars. And to Star Wars.

Noah then piped up, Well I wish I could fly to the Clone Wars!

Always the one-upping around here.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

luckily all nights are not this bad

My night last night:

9:58pm - perfect. I'll just lock up, take the boys to go pee and then shower and feed Blaise and hopefully be in bed by 10:30.
10pm - take Noah pee.
10:03pm - take Jude pee. He is Mr. Chatterbox as he went to bed at 5:30pm with a fever. He's not as warm now, but has lots to talk about. For awhile he talks about Grandpa & Gramma and wondering how they got to Canada so fast and if we stay with them first, can we go to Canada after. I try to explain that they live in Canada. Is also requesting "icy cold water". I comply.
10:20pm - start the shower. It takes a few minutes to warm up. Unfortunately the hot water heater wasn't on. So it doesn't really ever warm up but becomes somewhat bearable to quickly shower down.
10:32pm - Blaise stirs as I get dressed in my pajamas so I feed him.
10:45pm - pull back blankets, put down mosquito net and get into bed.
10:48pm - read one chapter of Sparkly Green Earrings
11pm - turn off lights and fall asleep quite quickly

1:30am - Blaise wakes up. I get him and nurse him and change his diaper {Mr. Heavy Nighttime Wetter} and put him back in his pack 'n play
1:53am - Noah comes in requesting a shirt as I removed his when I took him to pee {it was a bit sweaty}
1:56am - go back to bed
2:10am - Jude comes in telling me he has to poop
2:11am - I wait in the bathroom for Jude to finish diarrhea so I can wipe him.
2:30am - we're both back to bed
2:45am - Noah comes in requesting a drink. Sigh. I get him one.
2:48am - back to bed
3:15am - Blaise cries out so I give him his soother and thankfully he settles
4:08am - Noah comes in telling me he wet the bed. Sigh. I find him some new underwear and change his sheets.
4:21am - we're both back to bed
5:30am - Blaise wakes up. I nurse him and pray he goes back to sleep. He does.
6:45am - Noah and Jude come in and mumble something quietly to me. I roll over and ignore them. They walk over to Blaise's crib and smile at him. Apparently he was awake. They leave. He starts crying. I want to scream.

My day has begun.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

it's not even 10am

Jude to me,

"I wonder what God looks like... When can we see him so we can see what he looks like?"

Then later on as he was pretending to wear glasses and had verified both that Gramma wears glasses and that she's also my mother,

"So I'm your Mom, right?"

Silly kid.

Noah to me,

"When I'm a Daddy, I'm going to let my boys have water play. I'm going to let them have an iPad. I'll even let them...." trails off and comments on the Star Wars movie that's playing.

Now I'll never know what he'll let his boys do or have.