Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm still fuming about this, but I thought I'd write it up before I forgot.

Today Jude peed THRICE in his underpants. I got frustrated and told him that after the second time if he did it again, he'd lose his underpants.
He did it again.

So I took away his underpants.

They were cleaning up their room and Noah called me and said, "Jude peed in the block box!"

Sure enough, the cardboard box that they keep their wooden blocks in was on the floor with a puddle of pee in and around it.

In my head, I know this is funny. But my emotions are only rage. I muttered under my breath some profanities and things Jude makes me want to do, and then I put a diaper on my almost 4 year old.

The End.

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