Thursday, May 9, 2013

a morning with Jude

This morning the boys were playing outside and I was making pancakes and then Noah and Sean came running in and Noah said breathlessly:

Mom! Jude climbed up the water tower! He's there right now!

And my heart drops because the water tower in our backyard is a good 20 feet tall. Maybe more?

Jamie and I both run outside {forget the pancakes!} and Noah says,

No, not that one, Mom. The one behind the Party House!

Which is still high, but not as high as the other one. Whew. Jamie investigates and Jude climbs down without any issue.

Then later this morning Jude was sitting on the couch and Caleb was on the floor beside him, fussing a bit. So Jude gets down and hands Caleb a small baby car to play with and Caleb stops fussing. My heart melted and I said,

Aw, Jude! That was so kind. Good job, bud.

Jude smiled and turned to me,

It was my pleasure.

Seriously. Who is this kid?
I die.

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  1. wow no fear, or he likes to instill it in his parents haha! I can't believe the things he says, so glad you write it down for us all to share in the laugh!