Thursday, March 14, 2013

time out for Mama

The other day the boys were driving me crazy with their constant fighting and bickering and I was about to lose it so I said that I was going to my room for a 5 minute time out because I was feeling angry with how unkind they were behaving toward each other.
When I came back out, they were gone. I sat down and relished the quiet for a minute (am I bad Mom?).
Then they came back in from outside.
Noah: Mom! We were running laps up and down the hill.
Me: Because I was in a time out?
Noah: Yeah. Because we weren't being kind to one another.

Ha. The self-directed discipline of running laps. I should take more time outs.


  1. WOW WOW WOW. Although I'm not one for physical activity as discipline haha since I love it...but that is SO awesome and clearly works for getting out negative energy, I do love that they understand when they are doing something wrong, even the less obvious wrongs of being unkind.

  2. love their self-disciplining skills! and the freedom to give yourself a time-out - something they can totally understand. well done.