Friday, March 15, 2013


In the every day moments, I often feels as if I'll never forget the little mannerisms and sayings that my kids have. But inevitably I will. Not intentionally, but they'll gradually move onto something else and I'll forget how they used to say "ketchup" or "thank you". 

Right now when they want an apple they'll either say, "I want an apple. BIG!" or "In slices!" And then they ask if it's an apple core when they've eaten all the way to the core.

Jude will help himself to bananas and peel it all by himself.
Noah still likes help peeling bananas. 

Jude always, always, 50 million times a day says "Well, Mom?" or "Uh, Mom?" to tell me something or ask me something. 50 million times. A day.

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  1. I like these little "notes" about your boys. It'll be cool to read again when your memories have faded into new ones :)