Saturday, September 3, 2016


Overheard from the kitchen...

Noah to Blaise: do you know what 1+1 is?
Blaise: nope.
Noah: 2
Blaise: oh.
Noah: do you know what 2+2 is?
Blaise: no.
Noah: it's how old you're going to be.
Blaise: 4?
Noah: yes!

Do you know what 4+4 is?
Blaise: no.
Noah: how old am I?
Blaise: 2? 3?
Noah: no! How old am I?
Blaise: 3!
Noah: no. I'm 8.
Blaise: oh. Say it again.
Noah: how old am I?
Blaise: 8.
Noah: right. So 4+4 is 8.
Blaise: oh!

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