Monday, July 7, 2014

My cup overflows

Twice now I've heard from adults that Jude had reached out to a new kid in his class (once at the YMCA and once at church) and played with them and tried to help one in distress (at the Y) and there really aren't words to express how much love and joy floods my heart to know that my Jude who often struggles with kindness towards his younger brother (although he does love him) and who often is playing in his own world and often tunes me out and who had a fair bit of sass and attitude when he feels like it, is also a boy of compassion and mercy to those who feel alone and sad. This makes all the difficult times of parenting and discipline worth it and even beyond. It's grace for this tired Mama. And comfort. He (God) is faithful to use my meager offering of parenting to cause it to bloom and grow into something that honours Him. 
So beautiful!

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  1. So awesome! It is definitely a hope of mine that my little boy will be one of compassion towards others in need :) Truly this will happen by God's grace alone!