Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Parent-Teacher interview

Today in an interview with Jude's teacher she recounted when she overheard the boys talking to each other about girlfriends and was just about to break it up when one boy asked if Jude had a girlfriend. He firmly said, "Yes! I do! My Mom is my girlfriend." 

So cute. Love him.

Also? I learned that he has never spoken like "J" from his class while at school. He is always talking like this particular boy in his class who talks a little babyish and with a much more pronounced speech impediment than Jude. When Mrs. F heard Jude say something to me in that voice and I said what I usually say, "I want to hear Jude's voice, not J's." And she was sincerely shocked that he does this; and so frequently! 
She got him to promise her to talk like himself when he's at home and I hope he does. But what a little stinker! 

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