Friday, February 28, 2014

Playing with Siri

Today Jude was playing around with Jamie's iPad and I heard him activate Siri and say, "FaceTime Call Mama" and then he quickly changed it to "FaceTime call Vanessa Strickland." to which Siri replied that she couldn't make any calls for him on that device. 
After several more tries, Siri said, "I found that contact. Here is the information for Vanessa Strickland." 
And then I heard Jude say, "Which button do I press?!?" 
Eventually he realized he needed to drop the word "call" and then we had a little FaceTime chat from the kitchen to the living room. 
After I hung up with him, all of a sudden I heard the iPad calling someone on FaceTime and it wasn't me. Next I heard Jamie's dad's voice. Good thing it wasn't someone random.
Ah the Strickland boys do it again. 

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