Monday, August 5, 2013

bubble paper - transcribed

Noah came up to me holding a large sheet of bubble paper while I was on the computer. I decided to transcribe what followed:

N: Hey Mom, can I have this?

Me: Sure.

N: Okay Jude, let's start at this end. I'm so excited to pop this paper!

1 minute later

N: I think Leah Mae would like to pop some of these. Because there's so many.

J: I haven't seen Leah Mae in a long time. In a long, long time.

J: I can't pop any! But I started to...Darth Potato wants to do some!

N: It's like people clapping, right Mom?

Me: Mmmhmm.

J: I can't do it.

N: It's because you have to press really hard.

J: Well, I started to.

N: It's because you were pressing really hard. And you had your feet on them.

J: Oh.

N: Blaise would loooooove this, right?

Oh random bubble paper. Note to self: buy bubble paper for long car trips.