Thursday, June 6, 2013

luckily all nights are not this bad

My night last night:

9:58pm - perfect. I'll just lock up, take the boys to go pee and then shower and feed Blaise and hopefully be in bed by 10:30.
10pm - take Noah pee.
10:03pm - take Jude pee. He is Mr. Chatterbox as he went to bed at 5:30pm with a fever. He's not as warm now, but has lots to talk about. For awhile he talks about Grandpa & Gramma and wondering how they got to Canada so fast and if we stay with them first, can we go to Canada after. I try to explain that they live in Canada. Is also requesting "icy cold water". I comply.
10:20pm - start the shower. It takes a few minutes to warm up. Unfortunately the hot water heater wasn't on. So it doesn't really ever warm up but becomes somewhat bearable to quickly shower down.
10:32pm - Blaise stirs as I get dressed in my pajamas so I feed him.
10:45pm - pull back blankets, put down mosquito net and get into bed.
10:48pm - read one chapter of Sparkly Green Earrings
11pm - turn off lights and fall asleep quite quickly

1:30am - Blaise wakes up. I get him and nurse him and change his diaper {Mr. Heavy Nighttime Wetter} and put him back in his pack 'n play
1:53am - Noah comes in requesting a shirt as I removed his when I took him to pee {it was a bit sweaty}
1:56am - go back to bed
2:10am - Jude comes in telling me he has to poop
2:11am - I wait in the bathroom for Jude to finish diarrhea so I can wipe him.
2:30am - we're both back to bed
2:45am - Noah comes in requesting a drink. Sigh. I get him one.
2:48am - back to bed
3:15am - Blaise cries out so I give him his soother and thankfully he settles
4:08am - Noah comes in telling me he wet the bed. Sigh. I find him some new underwear and change his sheets.
4:21am - we're both back to bed
5:30am - Blaise wakes up. I nurse him and pray he goes back to sleep. He does.
6:45am - Noah and Jude come in and mumble something quietly to me. I roll over and ignore them. They walk over to Blaise's crib and smile at him. Apparently he was awake. They leave. He starts crying. I want to scream.

My day has begun.


  1. oh gosh, yeah that is the worst night ever :P I hope you got some rest since this post :S

  2. this is almost a year ago - of course your remember - it's hard to forget being that tired! :( Mom