Thursday, November 8, 2012

praying for cupcakes

for the past month{s} jude has been demanding requesting to pray "the boz prayer" by himself at dinner. it's a prayer that is said on a christian kids show that he's somehow memorized and likes to cutely say with hands clasped. and no one is allowed to say it with him. or he has to start all over again. sigh.

the other night was jamie's birthday so i asked jude if he'd like to say a special birthday prayer for daddy.
he nodded and said something like this,

thank you God. as this day ends...{this is the beginning of the typical boz prayer.}
and thanks for daddy and for cupcakes....and that there's icing on them.and ... and ... and thanks that we get to eat the cupcakes. and there's a candle in one for daddy. and thank you for cupcakes.



i'm pretty sure it went on for a bit longer than that, but it took all we had not to burst out laughing.

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